Twenty One Inc is a development and preproduction studio focused on front-end vision shaping. We create our own original content, co-produce projects, and provide services in story and cinematic consulting, storyboarding, design, CG previsualization, and CG cinematography. Our clients span a broad spectrum of entertainment media, from high-budget, high-profile studio live-action and CG features to cutting-edge game conceptualization to low-budget, high-caliber independent 2D animation.

We believe that the heart of any good film or media piece is a good story, that story is the foundation of the cinematic vision, and cinematic vision should precede film production. Story is at the core of everything we do, from writing to storyboarding to design to previsualization. We seek to enhance and strengthen the material, drawing out character, emotion, entertainment, and compelling action.

We also believe that iteration and refinement are part of commitment to excellence. Because we’re storytellers, filmmakers, game enthusiasts, and passionate artists, we understand that every project has both potential and constraints, and it’s our goal to help our clients maximize their product’s potential within their production constraints.

Our approach to previsualization reflects our high-quality aesthetics and storytelling, thorough practical understanding of both live-action and animation, and solid technical accuracy. We support our clients in making stronger visual stories through an integrated, flexible, and dynamic approach to drafting and shaping the vision. Using computer animation to approximate locations, sets, shots, and sequences, we enable rapid revision and exploration of the creative vision in a context that correlates to the end product in a meaningful way.

Working through to a strong vision before production begins provides every stakeholder and participant with clarity and context while reducing rework and streamlining production. Contact us to discuss how we can benefit and strengthen your individual production and specific needs.

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