Our Service

Twenty One Inc’s approach to development, preproduction, and previsualization reflects our high-quality aesthetics and storytelling, solid technical accuracy, and thorough practical understanding of both live-action and computer-animated filmmaking.

We understand that every project is unique-- filmmaking, whether applied to long or short form, at a feature level, in television, games, or commercials, is an intensely formative and personal process and requirements vary with each production. You can count on us to shape our services around the needs of your project and key personnel. We are open to collaborating with other contributors, involving your creative team at your discretion or filling key roles during previs to ensure a clear understanding of the vision and smooth transition into production.

Our system is designed to support a flexible, rapid-revision workflow throughout all phases of preproduction and previsualization. This provides filmmakers with the freedom to explore sets, staging scenarios, camera work, editing, and lighting interactively during the previsualization process, which allows for a more cohesive and informed exploration of the visual aspects of the story. Formulating a representative, yet lightweight, version of your project through our process enables significant savings in production-- less wasted time, resources, material, and money. And it benefits everyone-- from investorsand other stakeholders all the way through to every member of the cast and crew.

We are happy to work with projects starting at the script stage, those with final designs and storyboards, and everything in between. Once the previsualization process is complete, we can create a customized breakdown of the reel resulting in detailed data for use in production. Contact us for a more detailed service package or to discuss your project with us directly.

As a broad overview, we offer service in the following areas:

  • Script & Story Consulting
  • Cinematic Design
  • CG Cinematography
  • Shot/Sequence Previs
  • Technical Previs
  • Concept Art & Storyboarding
  • Pitch Packages
  • Project Previs
  • Game Visualization
  • Production Design
  • Location Previs
  • CG Production Layout
  • Virtual Camerawork

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