The Twenty One Inc Team

We are a highly dedicated and experienced group of storytellers, filmmakers, and artists. The studio leadership is shaped by years of working in film, games, television, and visual effects with well-known creative visionaries such as John Lasseter, Michael Bay, and Zak Snyder and prestigious studios including Pixar, Warner Brothers, Sony, EA and Microsoft.

Our artists’ skills cover a wide range of front-end development and preproduction areas but carry over into production work as well. We ensure that every artist we work with carries our commitment to excellence and dedication to story.

  • Jericca Cleland cscCEO/CCO - Direction/Cinematic Design

    Jericca Cleland is a director, writer, and cinematographer with a unique combination of strong storytelling voice, clarity of vision, and breadth of production experience that allows her to bring varied material to the screen with both depth and high quality entertainment value. She recently directed the animated mini-series Animism: The Gods Lake and often works in creative development and as a cinematic consultant.

    Jericca developed as a filmmaker at Pixar Animation Studios, where she designed the filming and staging of the popular and ground-breaking animated movies Finding Nemo and Toy Story 2 while maturing a keen sense of story and a strong visual aesthetic. She is widely respected and sought after as a story and visual consultant in North America and Europe and has strengthened numerous highly recognized film and media projects.

    As an accredited and distinguished CG cinematographer, Jericca has contributed to the visual shape and success of a number of award-winning animated features, including the recent critically acclaimed Arthur Christmas (Sony/Aardman Animations).   She has collaborated closely with industry storytelling greats such as John Lasseter and Barry Sonnenfeld.

    The environment Jericca fosters at Twenty One Inc is one of collaboration, high-caliber aesthetics, commitment to strong storytelling, and an in-depth practical understanding of filmmaking and the flow-through of previsualization into production. She brings her combined interdisciplinary and cross-media expertise to bear on the vision and planning of all Twenty One Inc projects.

  • Zondac Gibson Cinematography/Creative Direction

    Zondac Gibson is a Cinematographer and Creative Director at Twenty One Inc, where he began as a Previs Supervisor and helped build the studio from the ground up. He had previously established several cutting-edge previs pipelines and methodologies for computer animated production and brought this technical knowledge to bear in developing the studio tools and workflow foundation. He has since supervised previsualization and designed sequences and cinematography for several major projects and clients, including Warner Brother’s Final Destination 5, Sony Pictures Animation’s Arthur Christmas, Microsoft Game Studios Vancouver, and United Front Games.

    Zondac has also directed game cinematics and marketing trailers for Electronic Arts, including designing the cinematography for the highly acclaimed Michael Bay Need for Speed game trailer and Ubisoft’s award-winning trailer for Splinter Cel. A skilled and passionate filmmaker, Zondac draws on a varied and blended background to bring creative excellence, technical expertise, and practical production experience to every project.

  • Anthony Di Ninno Camera/Previsualization Supervision

    Anthony Di Ninno is a Previsualization Supervisor, Animator and Filmmaker currently living and working in Vancouver, BC. He has contributed to over 18 feature films, working alongside directors, cinematographers, editors, production designers and stunt teams to develop and the support the vision of each film. He was the Camera Supervisor for Animism: The Gods’ Lake and Twenty One Inc’s Previsualization Lead on Superman: Man of Steel and The Seventh Son. Anthony also contributed heavily to the camerawork and staging of Arthur Christmas at Sony Imageworks. He has been in production at MPC, Image Engine, Rainmaker Entertainment, and Vanguard Animation as well.

    Anthony helped build Twenty One Inc from its start-up roots, and he and CEO Jericca Cleland have worked together for many years. Anthony brings a strong understanding of cinematic principles, a highly skilled eye, collaborative work ethic, and a passion for film and storytelling to each project.

  • Jaclyn MacRaeProduction Management

    Jaclyn MacRae has had a passion for story telling since a very early age. Captivated by television (even news), films and stage productions as a child, she pursued a career in journalism. A Broadcast and E-Journalist/Web designer by trade and training, her favourite form of story telling is documentary, where she can take the time to get to know her subjects and their stories intimately, and share those stories in beautiful detail with the audience. Even when she’s not the primary storyteller, Jaclyn enjoys being a part of the teams that bring the magic onto screens big and small.

    After 13 years in the Broadcast and Production industries, Jaclyn joined Twenty One Inc, as Previs Coordinator for Warner Brother’s Man of Steel. From there, she took on the role of Production Manager on the animated series Animism: The Gods’ Lake. Jaclyn brings with her a decade of managerial experience, which comes in handy when working with teams of artists, coordinating writing teams, or developing and producing content for web sites. She is very fortunate to have played a part in many different types of production.