Hund i Himlen
("Dog in Heaven")

Genre: animated short film

Studio: NØrlum/Basmati Film

Release Date: 2012

In this award winning short, a little girl, Lora, arrives at a secluded monastery with Dog. A nun, Sister Esperanza, has escorted them here with a promise of it being ‘a better place’.  Once inside the great wall surrounding the monastery, Lora and Dog are separated.

Lora gets cleaned and uniformed as the rules of the monastery prescribe.  That same night Dog is killed.  Lora is not allowed to grieve and she decides to turn into a dog herself, breaking all the house rules that have been carried out for generations.  Directed by Jeanette NØrgaard, produced by Frederik Villumsen and Ellen Reis. 

Our contribution:

  • Cinematic Design
  • Visual Storytelling Consulting